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Finding old button collections is a fun way I explore the past and get a glimpse into a collectors personality. Almost every person I know who sews has a box or bag of buttons. The collections are passed down through generations or donated when the owners pass on. Some collections are highly personal with the buttons being the keepers of memories for someone. Others are mainly functional, in the past clothing would never be discarded with the valuable buttons still attached!

It is easy to find button collections. Thrift shops, eBay, yard sales, and your own relatives will all have buttons. If possible hearing the stories behind the buttons is a wonderful way to connect with people. It will surprise you how inexpensive a valuable an interesting collection can be. Here's a selection from my various collections, if you'd like to see more visit my Picasa gallery.

I keep my collections together as I found them. Mixing all the buttons would ruin the value I find in the collection. To me the collection is the personality of the collector, their energy is still here for me to explore.

What does this collection say about it's owner?

The colors are fantastic on this all plastic collection.
I want to eat this shiny green one!
An trouser button collection!
Trouser buttons are usually made from metal and show great wear on the paint.

Shell buttons are my first choice for a shirt.
Ceramic are interesting and keep their color.

The nylon and plastic are the most common,
the vintage ones seem to yellow over time.

An elegant black button for a jacket?

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  1. I love your button collections! I never thought about keeping them together in their original state, but I like it.

    I love "rescuing" old sewing supplies from the thrift store, and wondering about the original owner.

    I separated out all my buttons into color coded compartments, as I'm a natural sorter. I guess someday after I'm gone, people will learn that about me when they find my button collection!

  2. I love finding old sewing stuff from the thrift store! I'm with you on that for sure. America's Thrift bags sewing stuff and prices it at $3.88 per bag. Once I got a whole bag of serger cones! I've learned that the fabric scraps are mostly too small for my use but I still check the bin every week. They also have patterns for 25 cents! No men's though.....

  3. some great pics here from some lovely collections ! I collect buttons too....

  4. thaku

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