American sewing expo entry

There was only one men's pattern to choose from in the top pattern contest making the Kwik Sew 2935 Men's Shirt & Hat the obvious choice. Kwik Sew puts out

some nice patterns, they're printed on regular paper, have good basic styles, and great
instructions. One especially
nice touch is the use of 1/4" seam allowances where appropriate.

I was on the fence.... I had never sewn this style of shirt because to me this style of shirt reminds me of stuff they sell to tourists priced 3 for $10. It's missing the collar stand and the front button plackets are not sewn closed. After I was done sewing it I admit I had a bit more appreciation for the simplistic design and easy construction. It's a great shirt to sew for someone who isn't picky about such things and may never noitce

The design lends itself well to Hawaiian style
shirts so that was my loose theme. Since this is such a simple shirt pattern being submitted alongside much more elaborate women's wear patterns I wanted to make it bright and noticeable. I figure I could get points in creative or even judges choice.

A few weekends back I picked up this pink sheet at Amercia's Thrift. I'm attracted to this fun vintage sheet because it was
only a few bucks and I already own the same print in different colors. I've bought the orange twice now but blue and pink have only come
around once.
I figured I'd use pink as the main color and splash around the other colors where appropriate.

The surprise in this sewing entry for me was
the hat that's also included with the pattern. What fun it was sewing a hat, I had no idea! You cut all these circles of fabric, interface them and start sewing in circles. Eventually you end
up with something like an inside out ball with the brim inside, magically as you pull it right side out through an open slit your hat appears! I've made three now and I'm not stopping.

Notice the buttons match the white flower on the sheets. I picked these up a while back at a Daphne Fabric & Lace where they have a whole wa ll of new old notions. After picking the fabric I started looking through my button collections for something appropriate and these were the only
choice. You can access the gallery with larger photos here, or play the slide show below.

3 comments :: American sewing expo entry

  1. I love the shirt, but I do have to say, the hats are my favourites. You make everything you sew look so professional.


  2. What a nice thing to say! Believe me I have tons of bloopers.... I tend to only take photos of the good stuff and I spend a lot of time perfecting my techniques.

    Maybe I should do a bloopers posting! I'll start saving that stuff from now on and when I have a bag full I'll show you my crooked stitches....


    I've added this pattern to my PatternReview-Wishlist solely for the that I don't forget to eventually buy and try it out.


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