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I got a pair of pants from America's Thrift that were really nice for less than $2. They're a small welt corduroy and have some details and interesting hardware that made me think they were expensive at one time. They were a 32x30 which is both too wide and too short for me so as I bought them I was thinking shorts.

I don't much like making men's short pants. They take all the same effort as a pair of pants if not more with all the pockets and detail work. Men's shorts are cheap to begin with new and very cheap used, not to mention that they don't change from year to year. I wear my shorts until I can't hold them together with mending anymore which means they usually last five years or more.

I am getting low on shorts at the moment which is why I was shopping the pants rack. Pants make the best shorts sometimes and finding a 30 waist without regard for length is much easier than finding the same waist with a 35" inseam.

This is all beside the point because the point is actually the hat I made from my pant's cut off legs. I had to piece together a few scraps to get large enough pieces and I used my cool monkey fabric on inside. I also put a little monkey on the outside. I like this idea of adding a bit of interest to the outside, I'm not sure if it's cute or dorky in this instance however. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

The hat itself is unfortunately not wearable, not be me anyway. Since the Kwik Sew 2935 uses 1/4" seam allowances I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try to serge most of this project. This would have worked out great except in my over confidence I neglected to mark the round pieces with quarter markings. So you can see the results of this with the twisted inside lining and wrinkly brim where it attaches to the hat band in some areas. I can somewhat get away with this using the sewing machine since the pieces are easier to ease in but obviously not with the serger.

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