my first feature length sewing video

So here you have it, my first attempt at a full length instructional sewing video. This is absolutely a low budget film. I did my best to squeeze every last bit of quality from my extremely simple equipment and I think I did a fairly good job.
I've never done any type of video editing before and this proved to take up most of the time. I used a trial version of Pinnacle Studio and found the program easy and fun to work with. I shot the video twice, once for each camera position so in the end I ended up with two garments and an hour of footage for each. Getting this cut down to under 30 minutes was my goal but I wanted to show each step without assuming someone would know to do the other side the same as the first.
I'll be interested to see what the reaction is? I've already got some ideas for my next attempt and I'm thinking of adding an additional camera so I can capture both camera angles at once.
I'm always grateful for critique, suggestions, requests, and anything else you want to toss my direction.

You can also access all my YouTube videos here:
Part 1

Part 2
Part 3

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  1. Brian, on my Mac I can only get your third video. Any idea why I can't get the first two? I am looking forward to seeing them.

  2. You know that's a good question? I don't have a mac so I can't test this out. They are all hosted at YouTube, I'll put a link up for my video gallery or you can search for BRemlinger. I did manage to get them uploaded in the wide screen format with the HD option. Since they're all the same and you're watching them through the YouTube system it should all work no matter what your operating system. Maybe try another web browser?

  3. I just did a quick google and it seems that the best option if you can't view YouTube content is to try another web browser. If this doesn't solve the problem then updating your flash plugin might be next. This of course doesn't explain why one video would work and not the others..... Maybe if other people have problems too they'll also leave comments?

  4. Hi Brian,
    Big fan here! Congrats on the PR contest win.

    Have you maybe set some permissions on Parts 1 & 2? When I click on either of them, instead of the movie playing, I see:

    "This is a private video. If you have been sent this video, please make sure you accept the sender's friend request."

    When I go directly to your youtube link, I can't even find parts 1 & 2, only part 3.

  5. Thanks! Well wouldn't you know it, I had video 1 and 2 set for private. Imagine that. I redid the permissions so they should be accessible now.

  6. Great videos! I've never sewn knits, but I kind of assumed you'd sew it with a narrow ZZ stitch. You make it look so easy.

  7. Knits are great and can range from cotton jersey to Lycra swimsuit to loose knit acrylic blends like in this video.

    It's a common misconception that knits require a zigzag stitch. A smaller stitch length and slightly looser tension will usually give plenty of stretch in the seam. Experiment on scraps to see what I mean. Nothing says unprofessional to me like a zigzag stitch that shows on the outside of the garment. It's something you never see in RTW unless it's decorative.

  8. I love your blog, thank you for sharing!


  9. Hello

    My doctor has signed me off work for 3 days, so I'm using the "Relax-in-bed" time to view your blog from beginning to end.

    Observation and question: You used an older machine. I imagine it didn't have an elastic-stich option. If one were about to embark on knits etc, would an elastic stich be a better option? (Please take into consideration I only have 1 machine. hee hee)


    Robbie (from Scotland - but lives in Germany)

  10. Z is going to be sewing couture by the time she's in junior high it would seem! I sewed by hand until junior high at which point I got a machine, never bothered to read the manual and continued to sew by hand. best sewing machine for quilting

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