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So in one of those flashes of inspiration I figured out how to use the heavy thread with the Singer 500a. Like I mentioned before the problem is getting enough tension on the top thread to pull the bobbin thread loop up into the fabric.

This machine has duel tension disks for use when using two threads, lot of machines have these. My inspiration came when I thought about running the super thick thread through both disks, effectively doubling the tension. After some adjustments to both upper and lower tension I was able to attain perfect stitches with thick thread on heavy denim!

Now that I've done some additional stitching with this machine using some various fabrics and threads I have to say I'm even more impressed. While the motor does not seem particularly strong what the gearing does give it is torque, this translates to good piercing power at the needle end.

Something else I've noticed is that it is almost impossible to skip a stitch with this machine. This might be due to it's being a rotary hook instead of oscillating but I can't be sure since this is my first rotary hook machine. Either way it stitches over elevation transitions beautifully and has no problem with stretchy rayon Lycra blends.

I still am not fond of the sound this machine makes, it's somewhat intrusive compared to all my belt driven models. Also the lower tension adjustment screw is not easy to manupulate and I feel like eventually I'll wear it out. Seems best to choose what weight thread this machine will use most often and leave it set for that.

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  1. Hey! I just brought home the 500A slant o matic from my mother in law, but the wheel is stuck...thoughts?? I'm new to sewing so I'm sure it could be something so simple, but I was googling it and found your blog! Oddly enough, we were at my husbands grandparents and she has a Pfaff, bought around 1950. I'm not sure what model, but its beautiful and still works. She paid for it in installments she said, $400 in 1950!!!

    Anyway, if I ever inherit it I'll send you pictures to brag, j/k. Love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Brian,

    I have been using my grandmother's Slant-o-matic since I was five, and yet something tells me I don't know nearly as much about it as you. I went trawling for a solution to my tension problem this evening and came across your site. Since the machine became mine nearly 10 years ago I've had it serviced regularly, but I'm in the middle of a project and I don't know what I did to the tension. The needle thread is being pulled under in big loose loops. The project I'm doing requires that I change the tension often, but the machine seems to not be responding any longer. Any advice? Or is it time to take it back to the mechanic?


  3. Brian, love your blog!
    Here's a thought about your need to adjust tension a lot. If you have a class 15 machine, it's easy to have extra bobbin cases so you can have one set for heavy thread. Why not buy the bobbin carrier for the Rocky the same way? It's probably easier to change it out than to adjust the screw each time. Don't know if they're available new, but they do show up on ebay.
    Just any idea; I don't have that need with mine - don't THINK I do anyway..

  4. Brian, I've been checking your blog for a while now, and you seem to have vanished. Is all well with you?
    I ask out of concern, as I have followed your blog, and youtube videos for some time, and wondered where you had got to.

    Hope everything is OK,
    Take Care, Jessie

  5. Hi Brian:

    how do you run a thick tread through both upper tension disks?



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