another buttonholer discovery!

So my friend Peter from PR watched the buttonholer videos and he informed me that his buttonholer is different than the two I've showcased. His is a Kenmore and he said he uses his zigzag stitch to control the width of the stitching. Since I've never heard of this attachment I naturally assumed he didn't know what he was talking about and demanded photos!

I am pleased to be proven wrong and there is yet another option! I don't know that I've seen this model or if I have maybe I didn't know what I was looking at. He said it's made by Greist. I think it uses the same Greist templates and does indeed utilize the machine's zigzag stitch function. From the photos it seems that the top opens however I don't see where you put the templates in? It looks to be similar in vintage to the Singer Zigzag attachment. If it does a better satin stitch this could be the attachment to have! I'll be on the lookout now for this model!

Is there other buttonholers that I've missed?? I've noticed another Kenmore attachment on ebay that says it does buttonholes but I can't figure out from the photos what I'm looking at. If you have more information or have another style, different than the three I've mentioned let me know! A lot of people are quite interested and there is very little information available comparing the models.

Thanks Peter!! Nice coat..... is that Burda?

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  1. No, Prada.

  2. Cool! I'd like to see what kind of buttonholes this one produces. I actually have seen a Montgomery Ward buttonholer on ebay and have been tempted to get it since I have two of their machines...

  3. I can't tell if it is high or low shank. It is interesting.

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  6. Hi Brian, Does this new buttonholer work with your Kenmore 1410? Have you tried it yet? Does it work better than the one that came with the 1410? So curious. Thanks.

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