Brian's Week in Sewing Show #2 Posted! finally....


I have to say I'm exhausted from all this computer work. Getting this weeks video uploaded was a challenge to say the least. I've been working hard on video quality and I think you'll enjoy my efforts. It's no surprise that it takes very bright lighting to get good video but that's just the beginning. I spend a few hours with the manual camera settings figuring out how to wring out every last drop of quality. Lots of back and forth to the camera, scrutinizing video tests on the computer, re-adjusting, testing again. The more your understand the more there is to understand! Once you break away from using the camera's auto settings the possibilities and variables are boggling.

After I figured out the very best video settings I was playing around with the encoding settings in my video editing software. Without going into mind numbing detail I ended up setting the data rate too high which caused YouTube to decipherer my video clips as being over 11 minutes long instead of 9. This caused all the videos to be rejected. It took me uploading multiple times and more rejections before I was inspired to modify the data rate. Since I'm working with five 10 minute video clips that each take 30 minutes to encode and an hour each to upload this gives total processing time of around 8 hours. When you consider it took three tries before I fixed the problem you can see the cause of my exhaustion. I had intended these clips to be up Tuesday evening and ready for Wednesday morning, so as the saying goes, better late than never!

So that's my excuse.

This weeks video was a lot of fun to do. I felt much more natural and free flowing. I am still counting my overabundance of "umm" and "ya know" but awareness is the first step to changing them. I'm still working on the lighting, the shadow on the backdrop is distracting. The show this week actually ran a bit over 40 minutes and I decided to cut it down so you may see things move around on the table unexpectantly with the edits I took. I think it still flows quite well and I'm falling into a format that I feel comfortable with.

I had intended to put clips of my weekly chat and outing with Nancy but after reviewing the video decided that our chat warranted it's own video. I'll put those in their own posting as soon as they finish uploading.

So, here's the latest show, please let me know by leaving a comment if you see any problems with the editing that need fixing.

If you'd like to see more of Peter's jeans mentioned in clip 2 then here's his picasa gallery.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

7 comments :: Brian's Week in Sewing Show #2 Posted! finally....

  1. I am so happy to have found your blog!

    I have an email to send, and I tried and it didn't work... should I just post in the comments?

  2. Hey Kelly,
    Well feel free to write whatever you like here. I fixed the email link on the home page, thanks for pointing that out. It should be brian@briansews not BRAIN@briansews.

    Goodness.... such a brain....

  3. Hi Brian ! Thank you so much for your blog ! I have been hoping and wishing that something like this would be out here for those of us that have taken a great interest in sewing. Videos, detailed info, discussing how to resolve sewing issues and etcetera. Something besides the regular sewing communities. You have just hit gold ! Please keep this up. I am telling everyone in my Beginner Sewing Class at the Community College about your blog / site and all the crafters at my job. Thanks you are appreciated ! ---

  4. Hey Marilyn! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I've got two supplemental shows planned for this weekend that I hope to get to so look out for more. I'm having great fun with the videos and blog. It's comments like yours that encourage me to keep it up!



  5. Keep 'em coming. I love every minute. I do kind of miss the wall of fabric in the background. I thought it was kind of an interesting backdrop.

  6. Hi Brian, I keep my glue sticks in the refrigerator to keep them "young" - a tip I learnt from a Harriet Hargreave applique book.

  7. I'm totally going to put them in the refrigerator, thanks Tina! Who would have guessed?

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