Brian's Week in Sewing Show #1

Besides doing instructional and how-to videos I'm really interested in doing a weekly sewing show.

I think it'll be fun having a space to talk about sewing and related news without all the structure and specific "purpose". I'd eventually like it to be similar to other sewing shows you may have seen on PBS like Sewing With Nancy or Martha's Sewing Room with more variety. I like the style of Quilting Arts a lot in the way Pokey does a bit of interviewing and background of her guests. Sewing is much more then just techniques and I'm very interested in exploring the people and personalities in the industry. I'm thinking sewing entertainment television!

This show will give me a chance to share my love of sewing and the practical and real life application of the craft. Unlike a how-to video I intend this video series to be free flowing and off the cuff. I don't have any idea what I'm going to say until it spills out of my mouth!

Here's the three parts, I stutter, make mistakes and just generally be myself!

Comments and suggestions are absolutely appreciated!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

13 comments :: Brian's Week in Sewing Show #1

  1. I've only watched the first segment so far (have to go to bed in order to be useful at work tomorrow - bah humbug), but I love it! I like the way you explain what you've done and I really enjoyed seeing all the t-shirt muslins and the details (ie. overlapped seams with the curl in the knit, artwork on the front). I also liked learning about the unfinished jacket. Thanks Brian. Looking forward to watching the other two segments tomorrow. This is awesome - such a fresh way to look at someone else's sewing. So many people go the "how-to" route instead, but I prefer this format.

  2. Sweet! I'm so glad you could relate to it. I had so much fun with this video that I've already starting to compile items for next week! I can't wait!

    Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. :)

  3. Hi Brian,
    I'm watching the third segment, and it seems there are some editing issues on it. Give it a look. Just FYI...

  4. Oh gosh you're absolutely right, thanks for noticing that! I have no idea why the sound got out of sync.... I'll fix that first thing tomorrow!

  5. YEEEAAAAA!!!! I'm glad you are blogging your sewing adventures! Love your t-shirt design too. Thanks for showing the details. That is the part that really makes things great, I think.

  6. Thanks Dawn! Ok everyone, or anyone who's paying attention..... I fixed audio sync problem with video 3. This seems to happen when I use certain transitions to fade from one clip into the next and only shows up when I save the video file. I'll spare you the gritty details....

    PLEASE don't be shy about notifying me of problems, I can't see everything from my end. :)

  7. Love the t-shirts! The yoke is really nice and I'd really like to try that overlapped/rolled edge!

  8. Hey Shannon! I think on next weeks show I'll do quick demo of my overlapped knit technique. It's a little awkward at first but I've figured out some tricks to make it super easy.

  9. Brian, noticed you have made some jeans and even won the Patternreview contest. Congratulations on your great success.
    Are you going to show us via video how to made a pair of men's jeans? What pattern did you use? Did you start with the KS pattern and adapted it to the Levi jeans pants?
    Questions questions. Hope you will find some time and musé to reply. Thanks!

  10. Hey Gem!
    Thanks, it was great winning the PR contest, I was quite honoured.

    Yes I do plan to do some jeans videos but I think I need to wait until after I get a better camcorder.

    I learned to sew jeans using the KS pattern. It's a great basic pattern with good instructions. The actual finished jeans are fine enough but extremely basic in the fit.

    After I understood how to sew jeans then I start making my own patterns using existing jeans as a guide. Jeans have very few pattern pieces. Most of the work goes into the pockets.

    Start with KS and then go from there. What I should do is put together a video showing how I make a pattern from a pair of jeans. I've had a lot of requests for that info.

  11. What a great idea to make a sewing room video! I really enjoyed that. :-)

  12. Brian,

    Love the video. I've watched some of the others you mentioned and so far your concept is much better. The tee shirts look great. Keep up the great work.

  13. Yeah! I'm super thrilled you liked it. I've got a PILE of stuff for tomorrow's filming. I'll do my thrift shop trip with Nancy and then I'd like to have the show ready to go for Wednesday morning!

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