destination Novi, American Sewing Expo!

I'm in Atlanta now waiting for my flight to Detroit. Before I left I was able to get this weeks sewing circle uploaded to youtube. We had almost two hours of footage that I had to ruthless cut down to under 30 minutes. I tried to keep the flow as smooth as possible but there's a few rough spots in the editing.

It was HOT in that back bedroom, if you look closely you can see I've completely sweated through the front and back of my shirt! You'll notice also that I'm usually sitting in our videos since I've found it's the best way to frame the shot with my height. Otherwise if I stand Nancy is looking up at me the whole time and the bottom half of the dress form gets cut off.

I'm planning on doing a lot of filming at the expo, next weeks show should be extra exciting! If you happen to be going to the expo please look for me and introduce yourself. I'll be easy to spot!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. Hi, you don't know me, I'm a lurker on your site - I found you from the PR link about your buttonholers (great info, btw). I'll be at the expo on Saturday. It looks like it's going to be fun. And as a guy, I'm sure you'll stand out more than I will as a short, middle-aged woman. But if I see you I'll say "hi".

  2. Thanks for a good show. I am sorry, however, that I could not see the jackets up closer. I could not see any difference about the fit or pocket placements and I missed the details on bagging the lining. When you are done recording the chat, could you do some close-ups and paste them in while you are chatting? I'd love that and ew would learn a lot. :-)

    Have a great expo!

  3. I had intended to do some closeups but by the time we finished talking I think we were both too exhausted. It was so hot in the room you can see me sweating through my shirt! Nancy did do a review of this jacket over at where she talks in depth about the details. Search for her user name "nancy2001" or check out the lined jacket contest that she entered.

  4. Yes, I can imagined you went for a cold drink after the chat. :-)

    I have just read the review - oh man, Nancy does a good job on reviews!

    It is not only the details on the jacket itself - I would so like the fitting discussion with close-ups as it is so rare to actually see a video on fitting. The techniques for altering is not difficult - finding out what changes you need is the hard part.

    It is usually photos and that is just not the same thing. And I am visual so I tend to get lost in a long text. (English not being my native language makes it harder as well, I guess.)

    Happy sewing!

  5. Nice work! Keep Stitch Up coming!

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