Necchi Supernova up for sale!

The introduction of my new sewing machine has prompted a reorganization of the sewing room. My machine line up is now as follows, Pfaff 138, Singer 500a, Necchi Supernova BU. The serger is set up on it's own table and all the rest of my machines have been stashed behind the ironing station.

This makes me a little sad seeing great sewing machines be banished to the floor so I came to the decision to sell the Supernova Automatica. Even though it was the prettier of the two Supernovas I always preferred the BU for some reason. I think it's because I picked up the BU in person and met the man who's mother the machine had belonged to. She was the origional owner and had the machine set up in a corner of the kitchen, using the machine into her last days. I like that kind of sewing machine energy.

So I've listed the Automatica on ebay with the very low starting bid of $4.99 and reasonable flat rate shipping of $27.99. I figure I've already got tons of use out of this machine so it's not really about making money but more passing the machine along to someone who will love it.

Here's the listing.

Putting up the auction and doing the demonstration video made me really appreciate what a fine sewing machine this really is. With the starting bid set so low this machine is absolutely going to be gone in a weeks time....

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  1. Your blog has been very helpful in my Necchi research. I am searching every where I can for a 1955-1971 Necchi. Preferably in pink. I'm sad I missed the ebay posting.

  2. Hi Amanda I have a pink necchi supernova Julia 530 with original necchi cabinet. I am selling it for $300 ono though it does need a little bit of spit and polish its a great lil machine. Leave me a post if u have any interest still.

  3. I Have a Necchi Supernova that I just finally decided to sell. It is in awesome condition. All original books, cams, boxes, bobbins and is the original cabinet. Sews like a jem. I am having a hard time giving it up but don't have the room for it.
    Not sure if you are still interested and I'm not much of a blogger, but I have it and will be putting it on Craigs list soon.

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