Faux Fur Jacket, easier then you think!

The last few weeks I've had a zillion projects and what seems like not enough time for everything. My prize for winning the RTW contest on PR was an online class which happened to coincide with Kenneth King offering a faux fur jacket course. Perfect! I like faux fur but it's not something I would ever buy in RTW. I think I might feel a bit ridiculous shelling over the cash. However.... making it myself it's easy to justify the costs and since I'm learning.. My brain works in funny ways sometimes when it comes to things like this.

You have to have the right attitude to wear fur, faux or otherwise.... I don't know I'd do well running to Walmart in it here in the deep South.

Sewing faux fur is easy! There are a few techniques that you have to practice but once you have them down it's a cake walk. Sure, the fur I sewed was a simple zippered jacket with slit pockets. I'm quite sure you could get much more involved if you choose an elaborate jacket design.

Kenneth is all about couture and even though he simplified the techniques for the class I felt it appropriate to take it a step further. Did you know that hot glue will bond fabric quite permanently? In my opinion there is no reason not to use a permanent bonding agent to baste, hold pocket bags in place, or hold hem allowances. Sure, hand stitch if you like but no one will know how much extra work you put into your faux fur. Sewing a $1500 real fur jacket? Maybe I would do the hand stitching too. To me it's all about knowing when to do what.

I learned a lot with this project and I'll be on the lookout for the fur to do my next jacket. The zipper installation is a little iffy as I got the base of the fur a bit too close to the teeth which the zipper pull wants to fight with. All in all though it was a fantastic project and learning experience. I highly recommend it.

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  1. Wow, Brian. I am amazed at your talent in sewing. The coat looks great! I will check out the YTV later.



  2. Love your work, Brian. I was inspired by your talent after seeing your tutorial for making jeans on Pattern Review and will be attempting that in the near future.

    I've sewed for years and years for myself and my family but my recent sewing has been on quilts...the Dear Jane in particular.

    Your show is great and I appreciate your discussion of sewing with faux fur.


  3. First of all, great job on both jackets - the practice and the fur.

    I watched the video and looked at your pictures and have a few questions. First, what tracing agent and equipment do you use? Second, what is the white tape you glued to the fabric with a glue stick? Was this for a lapped seam of some sort on the faux fur, or is this a technique you've used before? Third, did you trim the fur seam allowances first?

    Does the Bemberg ambiance lining only come in one weight? I've used it several times and enjoyed it, but it seems a bit light to me.

    I like how you elongated the lining in the sleeves. I agree with you about Burda's ease in the sleeve cap! I have made one blazer of theirs many times I've found this to be true.

    Your new fabric you showed us - is it 100% rayon? I just bought a rayon / acetate lining in black! Or rather, I sent my husband out to find me some lining, we talked over the phone and this is what he picked out. Thank you for the pre-shrinking rayon tip - I will do this with my yardage.

    (there was no delay in sound / vs. sight on your camera, BTW)

    Great job - both in sewing and showing! I love your work.

  4. Hey thanks everyone!

    Kelly- The white tape is just a standard seam binding tape, you could even use ribbon. It's important to stay one side of the seams because fur stretches. I used the glue stitch to bond it to the edges before stitching. There is a gummy sided tape used for fur but this was much easier to come by and way less expensive.

    I used a standard wax "chalk" to mark the back of the fur and then a paint scrapping razor blade to cut the fur from the back. To sew fur you remove the seam allowances from the pattern and use something like a flat lock or hinge stitch to create flat seams. It's really easy.

    I think Ambiance only comes in one weight and you're right it is a light weight. The acetate satin I found is slightly heavier. Acetate and Rayon are different fibers but made much the same way from wood pulp and have the same properties.

    I'm really excited to do my next fur now that I know how quick and easy it really is!

  5. Hey, Brian, great show! I also found you through the many references to your jeans tutorial on PatternReview. You are absolutely spot-on with your description of this site as "sewing entertainment" (I'm looking forward to being entertained often now, as I've subscribed to your blog;)

    I also didn't see any lag between the sound and picture in the video.

  6. I think the lag was happening when using higher resolutions, you're all quite right, it's ok at this size. I would like to improve on it further, just takes time!

  7. I like the new look of the blog. Great work with the jacket...just don't go for any long walks in the woods!

  8. This also makes me very curious about your design asthetic. I can see all that material behind you, but what do you like? What's your style?

  9. Hey Rachel,
    I have really eclectic taste so my fabric stash reflects that. It's in order depending on what I would make with it. Starting from the left there's vintage bed sheets, button down shirt stuff, jean pocket fabric, stretchy bottom weights, some denim, wool/blends, knits for tops and underwear, lining fabrics, sheers for tops and finally my vast lycra/spandex collection for swimwear.

    I buy stuff when it's on sale so while it might be one of a kind I never worry about ruining an expensive piece of fabric.

    Unfortunately here in Mobile it's rare that I have an opportunity to express much true style.

  10. For your next fur or faux fur coat try another way to install the zipper see my blog post http://thesewingdivas.wordpress.com/2007/12/30/covering-zipper-for-furry-fabrics/

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  12. I've been wathcing your videos on YouTube and just got around to visiting the site. Great stuff, keep it up please!

    I can't seem to find a source for this pattern. Can you tell me where you got it?

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