Swine flu....

It seems to be popular these days you know someone who has contracted swine, ehem, the H1N1 virus.

I was out sick all last week but for anyone wondering it was just regular old sniffles. I'm a little embarrassed to see that my last update here on the blog was weeks ago but I have other excuses..... no I do!

As you know I've been really trying to improve my video quality. Who knew that it would be so complicated to get a video recorded with enough detail to see my eyes? The magic ingredient turned out to be the Microsoft Life Cinema web cam which records in full HD quality.

Unfortunately recording high quality video requires a high powered computer system that I did not have. Well folks, I took it upon myself to built my very first high end computer from individual components. Sparing you the technical details it turned out to be extremely easy/affordable and everyone will reap the rewards from this endeavor with some crystal clear HD video! That's right folks, blow it up to full screen if you like, it's nice and clear.

Sound quality I'm still working on. I did order a lapel mic direct from china at a substantial cost savings and when that arrives we'll see how it goes.

Even though I've been sick I have still been quite busy in the sewing room. This week (more like three weeks) found me making an insulated jacket, some slacks, and of course shopping for fabric. Wait till you see the deal I found on bemberg ambiance.... I know I should recap the whole video but I really want you to watch it!

I decided to make one 10 minute clip and just talk faster and move around a lot more. I'm still experimenting with new equipment so hang in there through the rough spots...

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  1. Glad you see you're back in business! Love the HD -- looks great.

  2. Those pants really suit you well! I have the same Burda jacket pattern and your version makes me think I might work up the motivation to actually make one for my husband. The HD is a big improvement, and thanks for letting us know what technology you have used.

  3. Great as always, it is so lovely to see other peoples' "daily sewing". I do however think that your show should be more than 10 minutes - you can easily fill it out it the 10 minute show was almost stressing to watch compared to the others. It's no bother to watch two films on youtube when you link to them on the blog.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. It looks like you've been doing some amazing things. Nancy

  5. Thanks guys! Yes Anne, I agree with you 100% about the video length. I was feeling way too rushed with so many items to cover. Maybe instead of doing one show with lots of topics I should try 10 minute clips with two items. That way I could do more videos per week and not have it be so cumbersome.

    *One 10 minute HD video clip takes almost 4 hours to upload and often it quits half way through.... yikes!

    Thanks Nancy! I'm feeling 110% again... :)

  6. Good to see you're feeling better, B. The pants look great and I LOVE the coat!

    I love the 'if you're cold, who cares if you're cute' line. That is how I feel about coats and MI winters. Damn the cuteness, it's 10 below zero out here!

    The video quality is amazing. Love it.

    I snagged the Bemberg Ambiance, too. Red Tag is going on sale again this weekend. Snatch up more if you can.

    Keep the vids coming.


  7. Missed you! Glad you're feeling better. I need to catch up on your videos as I've been out of the country and haven't had much time since. Love the new look, by the way (both you and the site).

  8. your jacket is incredible. we love it so much. and the fabric! you are such a talented super star. thinking of you, loving you, missing you.

    kim & kaary

  9. Your skills are really wonderful. I've watched your videos and wanted to tell you that not only are you a natural, but your topics are useful. I especially like your take on sewing machines and their components.

  10. :) I'm gearing up for the iron review.... I need some notes for this one though so I don't miss any key features!

    You guys all make me feel really great, thank you...

  11. Glad to see you are feeling better I love your jacket.

  12. hi!!! you are definitely my idol!!! you made a computer???
    how i wish you were closer so i could exhaust you with questions (as you may have noticed, i am not very technically savvy myself) about sewing, equipment, etc.
    come to vegas with that lining! you know you would fit right in!
    i am so glad you are feeling better. (LOVE your shirt, btw)

  13. OMG, those jeans are cool! I think you are exactly the same size as my partner and I don't have a good jeans pattern for him....would you consider selling me a copy of the pattern? He wears a 30" waist.

  14. Well Fred... I would give this pattern away for free but I don't know how to get a hold of you... I'm a 31" waist but you could just take in the side seams to make it a 30 very easily.

  15. You should sell it to me! You can turn your following into a career. The sewing world needs cool stylish people teaching and sharing. Plus NO one is making mens clothes but you, me and Peter. I love your videos and your reviews. You can email me at fredduncan2000@yahoo.com but seriously I am paying other people for inferior work to yours......so I would gladly pay you.

  16. Hi Brian,
    Would you mind doing a quick post on what components you needed to build your new computer? Would be much appreciated as my trusty desktop seems to have bitten the dust, and I'm too cheap to pay for someone to look at it just to pronounce it dead =)

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