14 flights later....

I had full intentions of writing up a blog entry while I was gone but being out of my customary surroundings doesn't seem to put me in the head space to write. I have now enjoyed one full night of sleep in my own sheets and feel quite regulated today.

Brazil is four hours ahead of Alabama and even though I haven't been there for over a week I'm still enjoying going to bed at 8:30 and sleeping till 5am. Yesterday I had most of my homecoming chores done before 10am! Nice...

Here's the slide show of the Brazil trip if anyone feels up to it. It's an awful lot of photos but there are some really nice ones. I know I should label them... later tonight maybe.

UPDATE: The comment I've heard most often so far in regards to these photos is that Brazil looks really run down and dirty. Ok, for sure walking through the mud on the banks of the river was a bit dirty but I assure you that in general Brazil was super clean. Sao Paulo is the worlds 7th largest metropolitan area in the world, that's a lot of people! Yeah it looks a bit worn out, but they keep it really clean. When you travel you end up using a lot of public restrooms, they were always very clean and well respected. That's something you don't get in the US....

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  1. Glad you made it back in one piece! We worry, you know....

  2. Welcome back, Brian. It's good to know you're home. Nancy

  3. Welcome back! Enjoyed your slideshow of Brazil and your description of the people and fashions there. Interesting!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's really good to be back home again. Raining today, maybe I will start some new projects!

  5. love your photos of brazil! some of them remind me of argentina, but you won't see any mid drift (sp?) tops or over-embelished jeans there (though i see plenty of them here in vegas!).
    so glad you had a good time in boston, i think the more time you spend there, the more little surprise places you will find.
    thank you for all the points about the serger, you have given me the push i needed to sit in front of it and start 'becoming friends' with it. first, though, i have to finish fiona's teacher's gifts (the other mothers asked me to make three skirts for her since she loves the ones i make for fiona. i chose linen for them).
    big hug.

  6. The trip looked wonderful. Thanks for sharing these photos!

    I've never had feed dogs tear a hole in linen before, but you are right about it being a strong, yet delicate fabric. For some reason, the front thighs of linen pants always wear out fast. The knees also bag, faster than on wool pants. I love linen, and I think it's beautiful. It's just not practical.

    As a reaction to this, I think it's high time we revive the seersucker suit.

  7. Welcome back! At work, so I'll take a look at the pics and vid later. Thanks for the info on the computer - really appreciate it.

  8. 14 flights?!?!??! You are by far the stronger traveler than I, gunga din.

    I too am glad you are home since I just followed you from Sew Shy and discovered what a seriously cool blog you have.

  9. Have an awesome Christmas Brian!

  10. Hi brian first of all let me thank you ver very much for your videos. They are really helpful. I have never sew in my life and I want to start doing so. I woul like to start designing my own t-shirts. I watched your videos and they are incredible. I love the shirts that you wear on your vidos, do you design them? have you ever made a tutorial on how to make a sholder of a different color?

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