better late than never....

I know!  I'm supposed to be getting these entries done on the weekend but sometimes I feel like there's nothing to talk about.  Today I got home from work and I decided, fine...   I'm dressed up in a funny outfit, I should do a video.  Ok it's not that funny but I'm not for a change wearing anything I made myself.  The skinny pants I got from Target for $4 and the shirt from Hudson's Treasure Hunt (in Mobile, AL) for $12, shoes from Burlington Coat Factory of all places...

So here it is, the great fabric finds of the week came from Sew Low Discount Fabric in Cambridge.  This place is my kind of fabric store.  You have to dig for your treasure!  Granted I'd love it if the prices were $1/yard cheaper but hey, it's good enough.  They also have coupons you can print off the web site which I found quite useful.

The other link for today is to a Flicker album for Ann Rowley's double welt pocket guide.  This of course is courtesy of Dawn over at her blog Two On, Two Off.  Ann does some very fine sewing and if you're in the loop,  Dawn was just awarded's featured member of the month which I think is very cool!  If you follow sewing blogs Dawn should be on your watch list.


2 comments :: better late than never....

  1. How great is that...a man who understands the value of a "stash" and picking up fabric at great prices.

  2. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for another fun video. I am very happy to hear your review of Sew Low. I've been too lazy to check it out myself. Winmil is on my way home from work and Sew Fisticated is near my apartment, but now I'm going to have to make the trip to Cambridge. I'll be interested to hear what you think of Sew Fisticated. Do you mind sharing your local source for the garment racks?

    Welcome to Boston!

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