a bit of a shopping spree..

PR plug:  If you don't already know, www.PatternReview.com is having a sale on patterns for FoPR (friends of patternreview) members through the end of the month.  Plus!  If you order over $25 ($35 for non-members) you get free shipping in the US.

There are not a whole lot of men's patterns currently in print, and of those that are only a select few interest me.  What better time to stock up on stuff I've had my eye on but didn't want to spend the cash than during a sale.

Here's what I got....  Keep an eye out for these to be appearing in future episodes of BrianSews...  The Jalie patterns for women are extremely popular and difficult to find at a discount, now's your opportunity!

7 comments :: a bit of a shopping spree..

  1. Those are some really great picks! My hubbie always asks me, why don't I make him something? The pickings are always so few, and I only come across vintage patterns. Thanx for posting this, now I have something to show him! Thanx again.

  2. I made a few comments in your Picasa album: I think your choices are great. I am no longer a FoPR member, but that free shipping on $35 is tempting...

    I have never sewn a Jalie pattern, but I do like the huge size range in the patterns I've seen, since I sew for four people ranging from 3' to over 6' tall. I have read about the stretch jeans pattern but I don't like jeans with stretch - wonder what alterations one would make if using a non-stretch woven (regular denim etc).

    My Green Pepper hoodie sewing is going well - with some complaints. I am using a rayon / spandex knit. Do you have much experience with rayon knits? It cuts and sews very well, but topstitching or hemming - ugh!

    I'd love to post pictures but as it's a Valentine's Day gift I can't risk my husband seeing it.

  3. Yes! This will be my first Jalie pattern experience so I'll be sure to give everyone a full report. You know, there are some other great men's patterns but I didn't include them in this post because I already own them! Maybe I should add those to the slide show..

  4. Some very nice choices there. I don't sew much for DH or DS either. I do have the Burda tee pattern tho which I remembered when I saw your pic. I hadn't noticed the Jalie boardshort pattern. I could have done with that a few weeks ago!

    I've got a few patterns, mainly Jalies, that I want to get before the sale finishes. Unfortunately it isn't free shipping to NZ. :(

  5. Interested in hearing how the Jalies fit. I usually wear a size smaller than what all the pattern companies indicate on their sizing charts. I determine this by measuring clothes I know fit well and the determine the size from that. Neck and waist sizes are pretty accurate tho, in my experience.

    It would be nice to find a company that makes men's patterns true to size, rather than the tents I'd end up with if I didn't plan carefully!

  6. I also have my first Jalie pattern in stash, but haven't started tracing it yet. The PR reviews of the company are (almost) always so positive.

    Brian, something completely off-topic, but I thought you'd probably have good advice: is it a good idea to get a rotary cutter blade sharpener? My blades are getting a bit dull and I am too much of a miser to go out and buy new ones. What do you do with yours?


  7. Hey Tina!

    Yes I'm totally excited to try out the Jalie line. Like you said they do get great reviews so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

    Rotary blade sharpening... I have one 60mm rotary cutter that I have only change the blade on twice! How crazy is that? There's a thread on www.PatternReview.com that talks about those sharpening devices and the general consensus is that it's not all that great. There was also mention of sending your blades out to be sharpened which had much better results. I think for my purposes I'll just buy another pack of blades when I can get them 50% of at Jo-Ann's. For now I just push harder and use a back and forth motion as I cut. Considering how many pairs of jeans I've cut with the one blade it's held up really well.

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