The new digs....

Today is the day.

I sat on the bathroom floor this morning taking a duffel bag full of bathroom products and organized it in to four piles: travel, medicine cabinet, under sink, trash. This marked the very last bit of unpacking/organizing left to do before I could consider myself officially and fully moved in.

Today's video is really just another personal entry into the captains log here at BrianSews. Whenever I watch videos online I always wonder what the rooms beyond the camera look like don't you? With this in mind here's a video tour of my new home/studio so when you watch the next BrianSews video you'll feel right at home.


I know there's no place to sit yet but feel free to walk around and see what you think. I looked at around 15 places before I finally selected this one and I think I made an excellent choice. My criteria was hardwood floors, no roommates, good light, good energy, and off street parking. This place was slightly above my price but ALL utilities are included which brings the value up significantly especially in winter. The heat is all steam fed radiators which are really warm and
since I'm over the basement the steam pipes warm my floor. Hot huh!

The first sewing project that I'm planning to start tomorrow is freshly discontinued McCall's M5676. Since I haven't sewn a thing since before Brazil I think it's important to start with something small just to be sure I remember what the heck i'm doing. This funny little pattern jumped out at me and I thought, why not! View A/B is the dog of choice, not so much into the poodle but we'll see....

I should check for reviews to see if anyone else has sewn this piece. Nope! I'll be the first, I should write a review... how funny will that be....

I'd really like to get back to talking about sewing so I need to get on the ball with some projects or maybe even a how-to!

I also noticed that David Coffin left a comment on the 11/09/09 show where I talk about his trousers book which I thought was very nice. I'd really like to interview him someday......

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  1. Congrats on your new place! I love radiant heat. We've had it in our last 2 homes and it's wonderful!

  2. Nice place. I love all the natural light. Like the music in the background too. Thanks the info on the metal shelving, I need one for a closet but didn't want to fork out $40+ for one.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your new digs! So jealous that you have a dedicated sewing room. I forgot about snow...

  4. Video - what a great treat! Thanks for taking the time to make it and for sharing so much of your new place. Your place is lovely. The many windows and abundance of natural light is wonderful.

  5. I'm so glad to hear you're all settled in. Nancy

  6. Wow - snow! - bet this is quite a change from Alabama. Nice place too. Thanks for sharing your new "crib" and best of luck to you in your new home and job!

  7. glad you are settled. Could never appreciate/see all those machines in your old videos. Except for the snow and cold, (which we in AL have had too) it looks like a great place.

  8. Congrats on your new home! With all that light coming into your closet room, won't your fabric get fade lines?

  9. Hey thanks everyone!

    Yes Anne I've been putting some thought into the problem of fabric fading. I could pull the blinds, find some uv blocking film, or make curtains out of uv blocking fabric. For the moment that window doesn't get any actual sun and to be honest, I don't have any priceless fabric hanging there... I'm leaning towards the uv blocking curtains. It's on the to-do list!

  10. You're next show has to begin with you opening that front door (filmed from the outside) and saying "Come on in, Welcome to Brian Sews!" It can be your regular opener!

    The new place looks great -- clean, cozy and very bright. Love it.

  11. so glad you made your long trip safely & soundly. and your new place is absolutely beautiful! can't wait to watch your next briansews installment. here's to a great 2010! happy new year, sweet brian. xoxo

  12. Hey B. Thanks for inviting me in to see your new digs!

  13. Love your new place... hardwood floors and radiant heat- both good. But my favorite room is your big closet for all your clothes and of course, your sewing room. Thanks for filming all of it for us to see.

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