Oil it up!

While I was sewing up my latest project I was aware that my machine was feeling a bit sluggish.  Not being able to remember the last time I oiled it prompted a video!  This was a quick oiling since there was little to no lint build up.  What is interesting is that I oil three distinctively different machines in a row and you can see a little of how they're similar and how they're different.

In all honestly this is really only going to be of mild interest to those of you who either own vintage sewing machines, want one, or just like machine type stuff in general.  Or....   maybe you have a machine that should be oiled and you're too timid to pop the cover.  Well get to it!

It's two parts, just in case you had nothing better to do with the next 20 minutes of you life....  I'm curious to see how many views #2 gets.

8 comments :: Oil it up!

  1. Wow. This is a great video -- both parts! Looks great too with all that natural light.

  2. I enjoyed these video, which is weird, to be sure. I love oiling my vintage machine.

    I've never seen a bobbin case move back and forth for zig zagging -- probably why the tension on the necchi is so even.

  3. And then I had to go oil it, just 'cause I watched these videos. I wasn't planning on sewing today, but will probably do it tomorrow. The machine will be all ready for me.

    I use a vintage Singer oil can, which I think dispenses a little too much oil -- the drops are really big. I like to run it for a few minutes to work all the oil in before closing it up.

  4. Hold it right there. I'm halfway through your first video, and I noticed the music. You have Deep Forest on, don't you? I love them! Okay. lemme go back and watch the rest.

  5. Okay, so it was just the one song. Thanks so much for this. My manual says to use grease in some places, but I'll try wiping off the old grease and using oil instead. It also never mentions oiling the moving parts on the bottom. I need to do that!

  6. I don't own a Necchi but I've read wonderful things about them.

    I love that blue Dressmaker!!

    Is it a basic zig zag machine?

  7. AGGGGH!
    It's like watching a horror movie, waiting for the needle bar cover to snap off! I have seen alot of 500's with that little hinge pin severed on the lids and NB covers!

    A Necchi feature was the fact that the needle AND the bobbin travelled together whilst forming a stitch...Made for great work, but also a great deal of vibration and walking of the machine.

    I sometimes put one drop of oil on the bobbin pin...and thinly (with my finger) on the shuttle raceway.

  8. I agree, I've seen lots of 500s the same way. I feel like I've noticed that most class 15 machines that thread from left to right have the hook that moves with the needle. I feel like you're right on the vibration, I hadn't thought of that being the cause but it makes a lot of sense. There's nothing to counterbalance that movement so of course the machine moves around.

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