A quick update..

I can always tell when I'm overdue for a posting because I start getting worried emails and instant messages. It's really heart warming when people from all over the world show concern for my well being and safety.

I know I've been gone for a while but I did warn you this would happen. I know I could have written something earlier but I only have one photo to post so far.... :(

So here's the deal. The reason I was in Boston a month ago was to do a final confirmation on my new job opportunity and to wrangle myself a place to live. I got back to Alabama on the 10th of December and since then have been making preparations for the move. I am happy to report that I am sitting in my new computer nook in my sweet little house drinking green tea and getting ready for work at my new job!

Oh my gosh I bet you have questions..... and lots of em. Just yesterday I was able to find a solution for all my hanging fabric and finally get some of my clothes hung up as well. Have you ever lived in a house with no closets? How about one power outlet per room, cross your fingers that it's grounded! What this means is that I'm still living in shambles here trying to get my belonging into organized stacks instead of random piles of junk. Having to work most of the day brings me into the real world of only having a few hours before and after for me time.

I'll have a video as soon as I can and of course I'll have more photos and information about what this move is all about for me. For now there is a photo of my car with a uhaul trailer in some parking lot in NY state on New Years Eve. The entire car is packed to the roof with fabric, the trailer is stuffed with everything else. I even had to put a few plastic bins on the roof! I averaged 12 mpg for the 1400 mile drive which took me about 24 hours of total driving time.

4 comments :: A quick update..

  1. Congratulations on the new job! One outlet per room? Wow, you have your work cut out for you...

  2. Congratulations, Brian.

  3. Congratulations! I look forward to more updates. When you have the time! :-)

  4. Good luck with your new job, and I'm sure you'll love living in Boston. nancy2001

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