Something awesome happened at whole foods

Yeah I know... I shop at Whole Foods. Before you go into it I'll give you a little disclaimer about my shopping habits. We all know that everyone loves to hate on Whole Foods, don't deny it, you chime in with everyone else when the topic comes up.

In Mobile Alabama the choices for organic produce are extremely limited and there was next to nothing in bulk in my area. I suffered for it. When I shop at Whole Foods I do the bulk isle and produce. I don't buy meats, cheeses, pre-packaged, pre-prepared, household junk, supplements or body care. The prices on organic bulk bins and produce are exactly what I expect to pay and I am so thankful to have access to these staples at a regular price. After moving it's within 2 miles of my house and mere blocks from Trader Joe's means I feel like I've found heaven on earth even though it's only 23 degrees outside.

Ok back to business.

I actually remembered to bring my homemade reusable grocery bags with me into the store which is a miracle in and of itself. As I shop I put items directly into my bags which earns me sideways glances from other shoppers. I like the extra attention and fully enjoy not using a public cart or basket. Anyway...
The bagger (at Whole Foods every checker has a bagger you know) was loading my veggies and produce into my bags and commented to me as I finished paying.
He said, "Where did you get these bags?"

oh these old things...? I made them....
bagger, "oh wow, I was checking for the label and couldn't find one, these are great!"

I left the store with a smile in my heart. Considering how many reusable shopping bags a bagger must see it felt good that he liked mine enough to even mention them. Either that or he thought I was cute, or both! I have made two that are almost identical, one has an inner pocket for your wallet/keys and one does not.

I used a standard paper bag for the pattern as I figure they didn't come up with that shape and size by accident. The fabric was from the old Walmart $1 table and I specifically thought "grocery bag" when I purchased it. At this point they've been used enough that they're starting to show some wear which I find endearing. I wish I had had enough fabric to do the handles on the bias because they're showing the most wear along the edges.

7 comments :: Something awesome happened at whole foods

  1. This is a really great idea Brian. Sometimes I just want to sew without having to start a huge complicated project. These would fit the bill nicely.

  2. I think it was "both", because the bags are awesome and you are cute.

    I love it when people notice and compliment the things I've sewn.

    Great job on those bags!

  3. Just when I needed to find a new "Simple" project, you dazzle me with yet another on topic idea.
    With a limited budget, and a dream in my heart your Bag idea is perfect.
    Thanks for posting it.

  4. This really is a great project for a limited budget, probably takes less than half a yard of fabric you could source almost anywhere. Glad you liked it!

  5. This are super spiffy. Sure you don't want to start selling them on a massive scale?

  6. I could just imagine running my one one man sweat shop! Sounds fun on some levels I suppose....

  7. I love the colors on that bag :)

    I'm making a bunch of my own bags and mine end up being really slouchy and I don't like it. Yours looks like it stands up on it's own, or is that just with stuff in it? If not, is it the fabric or do you just starch it to high heaven?

    And I love Whole Foods, I don't care what anyone says it's fabulous and when I'm rich and famous I'll shop there for everything :D

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