this guy's got something you want

I just picked up recently discontinued Burda 7776.  It's not really in my taste but I figure someday it might come in handy.  In retrospect I think I wanted it mostly for the photo, look how he's smirking..  He's got it, he knows it, you want it, can't have it.

I just finished up my cargo pocket pants muslin and they actually fit!!!  I'm preparing a full report today but I'm pretty thrilled with them.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Over 20 years ago, Burda published all the patterns with all the sizes printed on one sheet, like Kwik Sew patterns, so you could easily make adjustments. Also, no seam allowances were included. They sold a special tracing wheel that could be adjusted to add the proper allowances. I loved this because I could decide and plan for different seam treatments, etc. Well, most sewists at the time did not like this, so now all Burda patterns have 5/8" seam allowances added. I haven't used Burda since. These used to fit really well.

  2. I love this jacket pattern and think you should make it up. Nancy

  3. Spit my coffee through my nose at, "He's got it, he knows it, you want it, can't have it."

    I so don't want it! Or should I say, "It's Speedy Delivery Man, and boy does he have a package!"

    I earnestly await your cargo pants post. Weirdly I've been wanting a pair for myself; can't find' well-made versions built for my ladyness.

  4. I think he's lookin' a little early 80's, like he walked off the set of Knight Rider or something.

    Thanks for your comment about my jacket. :) I'm in love with it!

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