finds, including a sweet viking sewing machine!

Nice freecycle lamp from one block over.  This thing is huge!  I especially like the horse on top...   sweet right?  Puts out some very nice soft light.  Feels cozy...

Not everything can be had for free.  Sometimes you see something and you know, this right here, this is worth paying money for.  Such was the case with the following items.  This mirror is so heavy I'm scared to hang it.  Super thick glass and awesome wood accents.  It was $9.95.  They don't make them like this anymore.

Just when you're thinking that non of this really has anything to do with sewing.....   Check out this sweet little HusqvarnaViking!  It's not my usual heavy vintage machine but even I know that a Viking does not belong in a thrift shop with who knows who molesting it's knobs. This is a 120 manufactured in Sweden no less.

It's in brand new condition, little feet and brushes still tucked inside plastic bags in the machine bed.  Not a scratch or mark on it.  $25

I think I'll end up passing this machine along as I already have more than enough.  Still a great find and fun to get all oiled up and running smooth.

11 comments :: finds, including a sweet viking sewing machine!

  1. Nice finds! A man after my own heart! I love a bargain too!

  2. That's a really nice Viking!

  3. Love the lamp, the mirror, everything. What excellent finds! That Viking looks like a school machine. Did Viking make some of those?

  4. I think there were some schools that did use Viking machines but I don't believe there was a "made for school" model or anything. I actually already found a new home for this little machine where I'm sure it'll be much loved and used.

  5. Jealous about whomever gets that Viking! It's a very fun-looking machine.

    I had a giant, heavy mirror forever and ever that I never got the ovaries up to hang on my wall. What are you planning to do with yours?

  6. What I need is a stud finder.... ha! and then I need to find some wall studs and do it up right. I believe the wall I want to hang it on is plaster which is totally foreign to me coming mostly from the west coast and newer construction. What holes I have put in the walls seem to create an alarming amount of damage... crumbling mess everywhere...

    I'll let it slip where the Viking ended up here in a few days.

  7. The sewing machine was an amazing find. I bought my Viking new and it cost 40 times more.... Love the lamp too.

  8. What's happening is that the wall is full of thin slats that the plaster is sticking to. When you try to put a nail in with a hammer it just bounces off the slat -- unless you're lucky enough to drive it in-between the slats (after punching a few holes in the plaster). I'd find a handyman who knows how to do this. In other words, be your own stud finder!

  9. Sweet Jesus on finding that Viking! wtf, do you find cool machines or do they just find you? It's kind of like stray dogs following you home. Don't feed the machines, Brian! Step away from the oil can!

    Speaking of machines, I oiled a vintage machine for the very first time this weekend thanks to watching your chatty how-to videos. I was so scared to do this. (not to watch your videos, to oil my machine) Couldn't have done it without you. (And no, some of us don't buy old machines just so we can clean them up. Nope, we reserve that pleasure for old silver. Try polishing some thrift shop silver and see if it doesn't get a thrill going up your pant leg.)

    SO THANK YOU BRIAN FOR YOUR VIDEOS!!! (Yes, real people sit through the entire thing watching with rapt attention. They even rewind and watch again.)

    As far as a stud finder, honey I have a feeling you're a great stud finder!. ;) (seriously though, you can find studs by knocking on a wall. takes a little practice, but you've got patience in spades, so give it a try)

    You're lucky I'm not a gay man because if I were I would be emailing you daily naked pictures of myself next to my mint condition Singer FeatherWeight 221. You are adorable!

    huge briansews fan

    February 17, 2010 at 1:34 AM

  10. You guys make me smile... :)


    Oh and wait till you see today's entry... lol

  11. those are great finds, brian! but i have to say that i fell in love with that machine, so sweet! you have a wonderful eye when it comes to thrifting.
    i have to take a few hours and read through all your posts like a manual, you are so full of knowledge! i am so glad you are doing well in your new city.
    sending you a big hug and a namaste'.

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