I'm not just messing around here....

I started getting requests for specific videos and I LOVE it.  Coming up with ideas is not particularly easy and sometimes I feel like I make the same videos over and over.  I'm not sure if you've ever checked out my YouTube channel but I've got over 50 videos in there from the last 8 months!  Now I will admit some of them are a little rough....  you can certainly see my progression and growth through this new-to-me visual format.

There are a few videos which are particularly great I did way back in the beginning that still make me smile, a lot!

Anyways....   I'm taking suggestions for new videos.  I'm thinking mostly how-to but I suppose any topic is worth suggesting.  I've created a little space there in the upper right of the blog where I will list ideas that I get.  If you see an idea you like please chime in and let me know, leave comments on postings or email me.  Most popular ideas will push to the top of the list.  I'll even remake earlier videos so don't hesitate to ask if that's what you want to see.

Now, two of my all time favorite little videos.  Actually they were slide shows set to music since I didn't know how to do any video editing six months ago.  Looking back at the first videos I remember now why I even started doing this.  I had a friend back in California who had bought a great old vintage machine and didn't know a thing about how to make it work.  These basic videos were done specifically for her, simple how to thread a bobbin, attaching a needle, french seaming, etc....   interesting how far it's come!  

Sit back and enjoy some classic BrianSews entertainment:

6 comments :: I'm not just messing around here....

  1. Thank you for the bobbin case run-down! Very cool.

    OK. So. I would like you to do a whole jeans sew-along video series - from tracing a pair. I know you were very active in the jeans sewing at PatternReview but to my knowledge you haven't made a video series.

    However - since you really, really have DONE your share of jeans, I would totally understand if you didn't want to do a whole tutorial series.

  2. You're right.. that's a tall order but if it was broken down into 10 minute sections it wouldn't be too much.

    Ok it's on the list!

  3. I still vote for a "bagging the lining of a jacket" video.

  4. Hello, thanks for the wonderful videos, the bobbin cases bring a smile to my face in addition to making some terrific points, the vintage machine video is almost unbearably poignant to watch.

    Here are my video suggestions:

    Threading for twin needles on a vintage machine.

    Working with slinky fabrics.

    Needle Do’s and Don’ts for vintage machines, for example, can one use a stretch needle in a vintage machine?

    Using the vilene tape suggested in the Burda patterns - does this go on the SA, next to the SA, shifted towards or away from the seam allowance?

    Presser feet, particularly things like the difference between a rolled hem foot and a scroller (?), and what to do if you need to hem corners with those things, is it even possible?

    Overlock tricks, particularly things like curved hems with an 3/4 overlock machine.

    Ironing open a curved seam.

    Love the idea of a jeans sew along.

  5. You videos are fabulous! I really like the shoulder pad ones you did with Nancy. Yesterday I watched the buttonholers in action. Omigosh, what cool gadgets, I can't believe I hadn't looked into those decades ago. That would have been perfect with my 70's Kenmore. Now I have a Greist model coming from and ebay seller. Can't wait to try it out.

  6. Hello Brian,

    Great site, and love the videos on YouTube.com

    I discoved you and your videos only a few hours ago, great job :)

    Could you do a video some time on how to sew curtains? I need to make some and I think that you would be the perfect teacher.


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