Review of Burda 7616: Men's Cargo Slacks

This has been one hectic week!

I have had these pants done since Friday.  In fact I've even washed and worn them twice already...   Unfortunately by the time I've sat down to write up a little review my creative juices are in the red.

I was also having a bit of a time uploading my video to YouTube.  (Skip this part if technical stuff makes you yawn..)  Since I've been using the HD webcam I've been a bit lazy about my video editing.  The really nice editor I use has to convert the raw file and it takes extra time so I've been using Microsoft Movie Maker.  It's quick and easy, uses the raw file exactly the way it is which makes sense since it's all Microsoft products.  Anyway..  I was also enjoying that the files were really small and easy to upload.  Well guess what, they're really small because Movie Maker is cutting out half my frames and doing other compression stuff I don't want.  I mean, what's the point of shooting in HD if it's not HD when I'm done editing it right?  I'm sure there are some setting that need adjusting and I'm sure I'll find them eventually.  The point is I switched back to my good video editor (Pinnacle Studio) and the file ended up being like oh...  5 times as big.  The movie you'll notice is also a lot richer in effects that just aren't possible with Movie Maker.  It's also in full 720p HD too for anyone who cares to watch me on their 57" plasma screen.  This 2gb file will bring almost any internet connection to it's knees and screaming to a halt for everything besides the YouTube upload.  On a really fast connection this file takes an hour to upload, on a regular speed connection you're talking oh...  4 or 5 hours.  If anything interrupts the upload you have to start over again, this upload took me a few tries per day since last Friday before I had success.

Ok tune back in here!

Back to the pants:  This is the first pants pattern I've used besides KwikSew 2123 which is basically how I learned to sew jeans.  All the pants I've made up to this point have been in jeans style even though I'm using fabrics appropriate for slacks.  I loved this pattern!  It really worked out well for me.  These are essentially a muslin for the "real" pair that I'm going to sew up in the wool felt I showed you here a few weeks back.  The pattern instructions were standard Burda so I ended up using Ann Rowley's double welt pocket guide and the fly zipper instructions from the KwikSew jeans pattern.  I read the instructions for the fly zipper in the Burda pattern and I was thankful that those were not my only source for instruction.

There were mistakes made as expected in any muslin/first run of a pattern.  My welt pockets were a bit off and I didn't quite understand the inseam pocket which I talk about in the video.  I had lengthened the leg 2" and shortened the rise 1" and the fit is great in those regards.  I need to make the upper thigh a bit larger in the back to fix some weird bunching under the seat area but besides that the fit is pretty awesome.  I talk about all this stuff in more detail in the video so I'll stop ruining the suspense for you.

I will absolutely be sewing these pants again and again!

Here's the slide show with captions:

And the YouTube video direct link:

5 comments :: Review of Burda 7616: Men's Cargo Slacks

  1. These look really great, Brian. I love the cargo pockets and your welt pockets are just divine! I'm envious of the fit, too. =) Great job.

  2. These are lovely and the fit is great. I've made this pattern for my partner before and he found the on seam pockets started to curve out after a while and looked like his hips had ears. I don't know if that's my bad fitting, his odd shape or a function of the pants, so I'm interested to see how they wear for you. Since then, I frankenpatterned a slant pocket from a Kwik Sew pattern onto this leg shape as he likes the fit of the legs and so far that has worked. This is my first time visiting your blog, so I'm of to read the older posts.

  3. Love how you did the pants !The pants fits you very well You really did a good job !Thanks for the video !

  4. What a terrific muslin. nancy2001

  5. I haven?t checked in here for some time because I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend
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