tape and tissue... plus free patterns!

Today I go check the mail I'm reminded of the kind of generosity that always makes me smile.  A BrianSews reader has sent me a some men's patterns she didn't have a use for.  How cool is that?  It's actually the second time someone has sent me patterns since starting the blog.  I've also received about six yards of really funky vintage upholstery fabric from a fellow PatternReview.com member.  You can see a sampling of that yellow flowered fabric behind the cushions.  I've found that sewing is such a sharing hobby and brings out a lot of community in people.  I encourage you go through your stash and pass along some items you're no longer using or will never use.  If you don't know someone who sews try listing them on freecycle, I guarantee they'll be snapped up and you'll score instant gifting karma.
On the way home from work today I stopped by a fellow freecycler's house and picked up four floor pillows she was done using.  I just noticed looking at the photo that they have removable zippered covers!  I have a feeling the value of these cushions is more in the covers than the slightly squished foam inside.  I'm not sure exactly what I'll use them for but they will get used...

Update!  Floor cushions don't just pop into your life without reason.  Today on freecycle I saw up for grabs a beautiful sold wood drop leaf coffee table.  Exactly what I needed for my growing living room set!  It opens up to a roomy low slung dining table that I'm absolutely loving.  It's sturdy and fits well with the eclectic mix I've got going on here.

So Joey and Vogue 8435 generated a lot of interest, some great comments and quite a number of emails.  In case you wanted to know a bit more of the process we went through I just happed to be filming as we made some of the pattern modifications to the tissue paper.  After recording such a long video I wasn't sure exactly how to use it.  The original clip is an hour long and more than even I'm willing to sit through.  So I speed it up and narrated it to cool music!  I make it sound so simple right?  Truth be told this was one of the more challenging videos I've produced.  The super long length and huge raw file size made changes cumbersome and editing software a bit unpredictable.  In the end I like the way it turned out!  Maybe not keep you on the edge of your seat but worth a view....

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  1. I've been thinkin' the same thing--time for me to giveaway a whole bunch o' patterns on my blog. It's on my to-do list. :)

  2. I swear, Early American is due for a revival.

  3. It's a very interesting video, I knew that the jacket involved a lots of modifications but I hadn't realized it's was that much work !
    Your explanation are very useful if only because of the tissu-fitting andhow you removed the ease on the cap sleeves...

  4. What a great idea - that was fun! You are great at working together. :-)

  5. SCORE on the cushions and patterns!! I especially love the first stretch and sew. :)

  6. Thanks for taking the time to share your pattern modification process. It was fascinating.

  7. Wow. I can't believe how well you're decorating your living room at no cost. The low cofee table/dining table is brilliant. Everything is starting to shape up very nicely. nancy2001

  8. Your sofa's sister lives at my house! I have sort of hated this granny inheritance piece but now I see that all she really needs is a new dress and some spiffy cushions. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Perfect coffee table for the space too.

  9. I want to see my sofa's sister! I've been thinking she's the last of her kind...

  10. Hello floor cushions! Just popping in to see their new home. Hope you're enjoying them.

  11. I love the table. It's so retro -- love the look.

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