who knew it would come to this?

I don't think if you would have asked me what I would be doing today back in the summer of 2008 I could have predicted any of this.  In September of 2009 I was at the sewing expo in Novi, Michigan.  Mostly I hung out at the PatternReview.com booth but I did my fair share of touring around.  I met some really great people and throughly enjoyed myself.  Well....  it just so happened....   Islander Sewing System was coming out with a new pattern and since they had the photographer on site they decided to shoot the pattern photos at the show.  Oh you know where this is going huh?

Overall I think this is pretty cool being forever remembered for modeling the Baha #214.  I don't remember what they were asking us to do in this photo but it might have been look "mean" or "tough".  hehe   I just noticed also that I'm wearing a black t-shirt under my Baja.  Interesting since I remember taking my t-shirt off and second I don't own any black clothing!

Anyway...  I think it's fun.  You can see another photo from this shoot at the Islander site if you're really that interested.  It's in the banner at the top.

10 comments :: who knew it would come to this?

  1. Modesty panel for men? :-)

  2. That is AWESOME!!

  3. Modesty panel.. that's funny! In the other photo on the site I'm not wearing a t-shirt underneath but I'm more in profile.


  4. That's it, your famous so I need an autographed copy of this.

    Very cool..I was in a cycling catalog for several years. Yeah, it reaches a very, very, small segment of the population, but it was still cool to open it up and go "That's me!"

  5. You look as badass as it's possible to look in a poncho! Very cute. Thank you for sharing!

  6. you go, mr. model!!!!! that is so great!!

  7. Cool! And I might actually buy this one, since I've been looking for a shirt pattern like that for years. (It's hard to find one that's not terribly oversized.) I used to have a favorite pullover in that style. I wore it to death and have been looking for a replacement ever since. (This was before I realized I could make a pattern from an existing garment.)

  8. Nice! And so begins your path to celebrity...

  9. I am SO jealous. I was also at the Sewing Expo but I didn't get discovered. I think you have to be tall...

  10. How cool is that!

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