how can i adjust my pedal so it doesn't sew so fast? I have a 30 year old Singer. Thanks for any advice

This is a common problem with older mechanical foot controllers. With lots of use they get out of adjustment. When you sew they end up sending full power or none at all which is extremely difficult to control.
Here's some options:

1. Unplug the machine, open that controller up and adjust it. There is a screw that adjusts the point in the pedal's travel where the power starts to engage the motor. You will have to experiment a little to find the correct adjustment. I usually adjust it to where the machine starts to sew without my pressing the pedal and then I back off until it requires a slight depression of the pedal before sewing. Listen to the motor, if it's humming and you're not pressing the pedal you need to back it off a little more.

2. Start to look for an electronic foot controller on the used market. These show up all the time. You want one with a thick cord just like the cord on your current controller. The controller for a computerized machine will have a skinny cord and won't work. When you find one cut your old controller off and splice the new one one. You'll then have converted your older singer into an electronic sewing machine! This is the best solution for a vintage machine in my opinion.

If you haven't seen it already here's a link where I talk about this issue:


  1. Super! Thanks. I just bought a Singer 99K and the cord needs replacing - I'm not sure yet if the pedal needs adjusting.

    The tension knob also needs a bit of attention.

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