Getting back into stride...

I decided what I really needed to do was make a little video just to show myself I still remembered how.  It's not fancy, just a little sewing room tour and a browse through the fabric stash.

I also found this really awesome chair on the street about a month ago and never got around to posting photos of it.  I love the shape and that there's no cross members between the legs.  It's not a very comfy chair but it certainly is easy on the eyes.  You just don't see really old stuff like this out on the west coast very often and certainly never on the street for trash!  Speaking of free stuff I finally had to shut off my freecycle messages.  I just don't need any more stuff!  Ok sure, I could use a pasta strainer and maybe a bed frame but really, I don't need anything.  What a great feeling!

2 comments :: Getting back into stride...

  1. I think I'm suffering from sewing-room envy, and fabric-stash envy after watching that video!!

  2. Brian after seeing your fabric stash I don't feel bad :) Your right fabric spending does add up, with that being said, for 2011 I will only buy what is an emergency ;D

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