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Whew..  where to start.  It's been a while since I posted yet it doesn't feel that way to me.  Currently I get about 14 blog related emails a day, some are keep up the good work type while others are quite intensive and require some serious communication.  I like both, but that's why I feel like I've been doing a lot of sewing typing lately without anything public to show for it...

Sister Thrift is my new favorite discount spot, it helps that it's a ten minute bike ride from my house!  I stopped by their other location on Saturday while I was in Burlington and picked up something I've been on a serious hunt for.  LOOK how pretty my new iron is!  I love the way the handle fits in my hand, molded so well.
 It has a sweet little indicator light to show when it's warming and an awesome fabric cord in amazing like new condition.  You're asking why...   I know you are.  Well I'll tell you why.  Because I hate fusing things with my regular steam iron.  It's got steam holes and fusing with it just plan sucks because it misses spots where the holes are.   Take a look at this sole plate, smooth.  Yes of course I'd love a clam shell press, wouldn't we all...  but right now this little number fits my budget at an affordable $2.99.  Yeah I need to pick up some steel wool to polish the brown junk off the sole plate but that's actually not even that important if I'm just fusing with it.

I've also had a firestorm of emails about vintage sewing machine!  Wow, people are really getting into them and it's so awesome.  In fact there are people who are REALLY into it, so much so it makes me look like a very casual collector.  Today at my local Sisters I saw a few Kenmore machines worth a photo.  As you might remember I like taking my camera so I don't feel the urge to, as a reader just wrote in an email, "pick them up like puppies and put them in my purse!".  That statement spoke to me for sure.  It goes hand in hand with a comment another friend made to me.  She said something along the lines that I'm like one of those people who has stray pets follow them home, except for me it's sewing machines.  I'd have to agree.

Want to see something that makes me feel luxurious?

Yes folks, I now have two sergers.  A fellow PatternReview member had this Janome sitting around unused since she upgraded machines and she offered it up.  What's interesting is that it's mechanically the same serger I already own in the Kenmore brand.  My Kenmore is from the late 80s and the Janome is newer but they are exactly the same under the hood.  To me this is a testament to a good design that didn't need improvement.  The Janome is running great now with a good cleaning and oiling.  The upper looper tension disk is out of adjustment so this weekend I'll likely tear it down and get it tight again.  I had to do the same thing on the Kenmore when I got it.  What you say do I need two sergers for?  Well how about having one set up for rolled hems and the other for standard serging.  I never do rolled hems because it's sort of a pain to switch the machine all around, now I can roll my hems anytime I want!

Oh gosh what else...  may as well get it all out while I'm sitting here right?  These Burda shorts have been done for a while but they're hard to photograph.  White doesn't have any contrast and when I include the navy accent pockets it's too much contrast and looks creepy.  I also learned that it's really not the best to top stitch on corduroy.  The welts make the stitching look crooked and funny no matter what you do.  Yeah, take a look at that stitching...  nice isn't it...  uggg.  So you see why I'm having trouble getting these posted.

I think I've sewn my last Baja shirt for a while.  I made up at least four or five of these numbers and I can safely say I've sewn it to death.  This last one I made up in this really awesome fabric the Islander folks sent me.  It's the same fabric that I'm pictured in on the pattern envelope.  I made the extra small size this time and it fit my friend Derian really well so he's keeping it.  I sewed this up on my Singer 99 and it was so much fun!
 I've never sewn anything on a straight stitch only machine and it felt so sweet and innocent.  I serged all my seam allowances first so it was just a matter of sewing the pieces together.  I even did some extra top stitching because I was having so much fun!

And...   just in case you haven't had enough yet.  We were out at Cranes Beach this weekend.  It was overcast but I was able to capture some pretty amazing photos.  Here's a slide show:

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  1. *sigh*

    I 'think' I need a overlocker (that's serger to you). Trouble is...the price. I've added one or two on my watching list on Ebay Germany.....but I doubt it'll remain in my price range. But that's just one problem....the second problem is my husband'll probably kill me if I suggest it to him!

  2. I love your "new" iron. I have had a few of these through the years as well, & for the same reason. Also, when watching you cut out the jeans with the new EC-cutter, couldn't help but think you should be on the lookout for an old iron "iron", makes a great pattern weight! I got my grandma's hand-me-down from when she used it until her 30's, before the electrics. It's a treasured keepsake I use in my sewing room as a weight.

  3. Dude. I grew up in Ipswich so Cranes Beach holds a very special place in my heart.

    I just found your blog so I'm sorry if I'm comment bombing your old posts! I love your content and your how toos.

  4. I am looking for your y back shirt pattern from your YouTube video. Can you tell me where to find it ? Thanks!

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