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EC Cutter $100
I'd like to introduce you to a very special tool.  This isn't "just" a new sewing tool or notion, it's actually my new best friend.  We spend lots of time together and I don't think they've ever let me down.  I know, there are a lot of notions you've bought that never get used, I've done the same.  This is totally different.  Soon you'll be reaching for these for almost any cutting task including trimming threads...    Lazy right?  You'll see...
Totally worthless junk

These are the new breed of electric scissors.  I say new because I had electric scissors when I was a kid, and they had a cord and were totally stupid.
Black and Decker $20
I had no idea what the point was because they wouldn't cut much besides paper.  Today you have better options and the versions from Black & Decker and EC Cutter are the best.
At work the rotary cutting was starting to really hurt my wrist.  When I don't have an assistant I often cut projects for 60+ kids a week and it was literally wearing me out.  These electric scissors were exactly what I needed to fill the space between home style rotary cutters and industrial fabric saws.  As I explain in the video the B&Ds are much better suited for occasional use as I wore out the blades at work in a matter of weeks.  The EC has a carbide insert that allows the blade to keep it's edge what seems like forever and they still cut like they day they were new.  I go over the specifics of each in the video and I encourage you to watch and find out which tool will suite your needs.  I will say that I still only have the B&Ds at home and they're totally sufficient for most of my home cutting needs.  However when I want to cut 8 silk knit t-shirts out at one time I'll bring home the EC heavy hitters...

Cutting fabric (or anything for that matter) with electric scissors is like passing a hot knife through butter.  I personally guarantee you will wonder how you lived without cordless electric scissors in your sewing room.  The trick is to practice with them as they're so "sharp" that any wrist wiggle or extra movement is instantly transferred to your cut line.  That being said they're perfectly safe for use around kids as it's next to impossible to get your finger into the actual cutting area where the blades come together.  When you're the one using them they're so much fun you might be completely oblivious to the buzzing noise but it can be a little irritating to others in the vicinity.  Learn to cut without resting the bottom blade on the table and they're quite a bit quieter.

There are two related videos, the first is more or less a review of both tools.  The second video is one I shot a few weeks ago as I was cutting out my last most recent pair of jeans.  The audio was screwy on that so I dumped the original audio and give a pretty verbose voice over.  Lucky you!

And the cutting video:

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  1. Wow! I have my grandmother's old electric scissors packed away. I've had it for some time now but never had the desire to use them; Thanks for the inspiration! Perhaps I will send you a picture of it!? Love the blog by the way.

  2. Do you find these better than cordless cutters with flat plate?

  3. I found the flat plate to be cumbersome and kept me from being able to turn 90 degree corners. The EC Cutter comes with the shoe blade and I never use it. You can see this in the first video.

  4. I have a pair. I call him Zippy. We have a on again off again relationship. We used to be thick as thieves. But lately he isn't cutting as precise as he had been. Actually he tore some fabric that I had very little of. And he's useless on knits.

  5. I would say if Zippy isn't performing well then it's either time for a new blade or a new cutter. I use the EC for knits all the time and they work awesome! Granted little flimsy rayon blends might need a delicate touch....

  6. I've been meaning to get a pair since you showed them to me back in the spring. Today I finally will! Thanks for the reminder!

  7. Wow Brian--great videos--for father's day I bought my dad (a beginning sewist--he bought a sewing machine in May and had never sewn a stitch) the electric rotary cutter and he doesn't like it. I sent him the link to your blog post and afterward he bought the B&D electric scissors on amazon. I think I might need to buy them too. I also enjoyed watching you cut out jeans--I learned some tricks there!

    I realize it's a lot of work to put the videos together and thank you for them!

  8. I envy you and your life, Brian! You have a hobby and job that you love rolled into one!

    Thank you for continually posting videos and teaching us.

  9. I found out that if you use a cardboard cutting board (a superboard or the like) as a cutting surface, there is very little angry duck sound left even if you rest the blade on the surface.

  10. Can I just say, this is why I love you?

    You share great things that ANY hobby addict would want to know about. We can live vicariously through you or get so all fired up and inspired that we have to try things for ourselves.

    Of course my budge is going to hell in a hand basket but who cares when there is crafting to be done?!?!??! mwha haa haaa haa

  11. I bought my mom that EC cutter years ago when she started having some hand problems...she freakin' loves it.

  12. Just found your blog tonight...watched your videos about the electric scissors and cutting jeans. Loved them both!!!! ...and I'm going to buy the EC scissors. Thank you soooo much!!!!!!!

  13. Hi Brian,

    Thanks for doing this post about electric cutters. Cutting is one of my least favorite tasks during the whole sewing process.

    I was wondering if this would work on thinner, silkier/slippery fabrics? Like chiffon or charmeuse?

    Have you tried the cutter on such fabrics before? Do you think it would work if you alternately sandwich layers of fabric between layers of tissue, weigh it down, and use the cutter on them?



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