There comes a time when.....

you have everything you "need" and life becomes about experiences.  Treadle sewing has always been a dream of mine (well more of a doomsday fantasy) but let's not go there!  I found this treadle base on craigslist with a machine dating back over 100 years.  The Necchi BU head was a freebie and has cracked peeling paint but sews smooth as silk.  After removing the Singer head the Necchi dropped right into the cabinet with only having to drill the holes on the machine slightly larger.  I removed the middle drawer that prevented me from getting my long legs under the table.  I also opted to more recently take off the fold out table top as the kids always lean on it and that won't last long that way.  I usually have it set up so the kids can play with it, but when I'm in the mood it's my go to machine for sewing.  I was a little disappointed to find that treadle sewing is very slow.  At least on a table like this.

Where the heck has Brian been???

I will spend my days playing dress up and giggling with little girls.
Usually I try to stay away from posting overly personal experiences here in public because I feel like it's not really what readers are coming here for.  That being said I feel like a little bit of an explanation is in order so here goes...

  • Time.  Last September I became a full partner in the sewing school I help run.  This transition widened my job description to not only sewing instructor but bookkeeper, fabric shopper, ebay order placer, floor mop supervisor, trainer, etc..  I'm busy these days and I often put in many hours a week that don't go on my paycheck.
  • Fame.  I don't think I ever wanted to be famous or "known".  Or if I did I didn't realize what exactly that would entail.  Like many artists who create or fall into a public persona it can be distracting at best and completely debilitating at worst.  The art becomes secondary and the artist catches the often unwanted spotlight.  Like a politician one starts to hesitate to be oneself in fear of upsetting one demographic or another.  This does not promote a free spirit.
  • Machines.  So...    after years of touting the joys of vintage machines and possibly looking down my nose at those who insisted on modern computerized machines....   I have changed.    While I still love vintage machines my go to units are all high end computerized numbers and I love sewing on them!  So my taste has changed and I feel a little embarrassed about it to be frank.  I didn't know how to break this news so I avoided it until it became awkward.

If this is going to work then this is how it's going to be:

  • The purpose of this blog is to provide an online resume for my sewing career.  The best way to show an international audience that I know my stuff is to post it online in this "portfolio".  My goal is to have a sewing show on PBS.  This will happen and this blog will be the backbone of my journey.
  • I always read all email and comments.  I can't make the time to get caught up in the fame though.  Blogging is a competitive sport and I'm just not interested.  I don't want advertising, I won't review your products, and I don't want to care how many followers I have (or don't have).  Everyone always talks about link backs, self promotion, guest bloggers, twitter, blah blah blah......   it kind of makes me feel crazy when all I care about it sewing.  SCREW IT ALL  I will be an information island and I don't care a lick if you friend me, + me, link me, or whatever...  Do it for you, not for me.  Ok that felt good!

So to summarize.  I'm surrounded by sewing all day everyday and I can't wait to share everything I've discovered in the past year with my readers.  Please remember that being in the public eye makes me anxious but I believe it's worth it in the long run.  I will do my best to do my best.
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