Perfect Collar Points

Left Point Using Pam's Technique, Right Using The Traditional Poke and Roll
Collar points, what a pain.  I can't tell you how many awful collar points I've made.  Actually the point on the right done with poke and roll is one I'd normally be quite pleased with.  I've tried all the tricks before..  Taking a few stitches across the point, trimming down and down, extra small stitches, etc.  Nothing really makes as much of an impact as this awesome technique brought to us by Pam at Off The Cuff.  I like her blog a lot, very professional and well worth a read.

Here's the original post which includes lots of text and photos.  This is my first video in a while so hopefully I'm not too rusty...  Enjoy!

8 comments :: Perfect Collar Points

  1. Hi Brian....glad you tried the collar point method I demonstrated....wait till you see the tricks I've got "up my sleeve" about plackets!

    (ouch! Forgive the bad pun, it's been a long week :)

  2. WOW!!! Holy cow, that's amazing! Thank you for making this video--I will definitely try that the next time I make a collar!!

  3. great tutorial:) thanks for it! btw: I have a new sewing blog, I'd love it if you would pass by and check it out. Trying to get the word out to fellow sewers and bloggers I love! ;)

  4. Great to see you blogging again. Great demo, has seen it on Pam's blog and was thinking of trying it.


  5. your video you call me "Claire", LOL! I'm Pam P-A-M (not Claire!) from the shirt-making and sewing tutorial site,

    But unlike others you *did* give me credit for sharing this "little-known" technique that I learned during my formal Tailoring Apprenticeship...and for that I thank you very much!

    Best always, Pam !

  6. Love your blog! I'm a man who just started sewing and I love it. It's so hard to find a good website with resources for men but yours is fantastic! Thanks.

  7. Thanks, Brian, for a such a clear, detailed description of this technique. I share your enthusiasm for vintage machines, treadles and Necchis. (I have too many vintage machines.) I find working on a quality machine very soothing, which helps in moments of frustration.

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