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First of all this video is an experiment, I'm not really expecting it to be ground breaking. When I first started sewing I needed to see real people sewing real things.  All the books and tutorials are great for learning techniques but I craved seeing how it all came together at the machine. Here I ignore the camera while I sewed three pairs of pants assembly line style.  I think you'll see the pockets come together.  You'll notice no ironing or pinning just folding and sewing.  In this case I'm using the Pfaff 138 for it's speed not it's strength.  Strong but not heavy thread and a size 80/12 needle which has come to be my favorite size for general sewing.  I'm obviously a total sewing nerd because I could watch stuff like this all day....  Real people sewing real things, hopefully no nose picking....

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  1. Great video! Sewing with no stress! Inspired me to start working on a pair of polar fleece booties for my grandson! Doing decorative stitching on them. Brian inspires me to be creative

  2. Thanks for posting this video! I've been teaching myself how to sew since I got a machine as an xmas gift a year ago. The most interesting parts of shows like Nancy Zieman are when she actually sits in front of the machine and sews. I learned the basics of sewing without pinning by watching your Y-back racer tank video, and sewing along.

    This video is just more great stuff for learning basic technique. One of my big challenges is understanding how much precision is required when, and watching you do things like just yank on two pieces of fabric to undo seams is instructive (not sure I have the courage to do something like that myself).

    More, please.

  3. LOVE that you're listening to BBC Radio 1. I was unable to watch the video here in Germany because of strict laws regarding music. Luckily I have TunnelBear which lets me pretend to be in the USA or the UK.

    Another good video.

    I too would be too scared to simply rip the fabric apart, preferring instead to use my quick-unpick/seam ripper.


  4. Thanks for the video. Was good to watch your technique and style
    I sew in a vacume sine I'm to novice to talk shop with my costumer friends

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  6. Began sewing when I was 7. My grandmother taught me to sew with no pins, my mother, very few. Margret Islander school taught me the assembly line way of doing things. You are an inspiration to all! Thanks for the blog!!

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