Introducing Sophie....

Sophie and I have worked together for a bit more than a year.  I had hired her as an instructor at the other sewing studio and when I left she followed me.  Sophie is also self taught and it shows in her ability to take on rather ambitious projects with little worry they may not succeed.  She has a very much "Make it work" attitude when it comes to sewing.  Making it work is an excellent skill to have when you teach sewing classes, especially to kids.  Sophie has much better design aesthetic than I do and most of the design elements you see in the studio are her doing.  Our skills compliment each other and we make a good team. 

Sophie sews at home on the Bernina 530 which I gave her as a gift when it was clear she was due for a machine upgrade.  The knee control on this machine is for sewing, not for lifting the foot.

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  1. You are the sweetest sewing nutcases. :-)

  2. More videos is good! Sophie is good to!

  3. New to your blog and enjoying it. Nice to meet Sophie on video! Can't wait to see what you guys are up to this year.

  4. Found you looking for a spray starch recipe. Like the video! A hammerhead shirt? Did I hear that right? Where is it?

  5. Hi Brian,
    I couldn't find any contact info so will talk here.
    Nice site, but could you reconsider the blue background?? It is terrible on old eyes trying to read your site. Lots of good info but I can only stand a few minutes and I have to bail and find something readable.


  6. Thanks to you Brian, I learned how to change colors in Firefox.

    Now I am off to read all of your blog.


  7. Hi Brian
    Read the recent posts you made about using used or older machines.. and I personally think you are leading people down the wrond path.
    I've taught people to use their older machines and then they give mine a run for its money and thats all it takes..
    My husband uses a Juki 1541 modified with a sailrite SC-MCR dc motor which he has tweeked a bit.. sews throu 18 layers of sunbrella and more than 20 layers of duck. There isnt much that machine wont do..
    On my side I use a new Viking Hus. dimond royal or my viking Hus. Designer Ruby..
    We've both been sewing for over 40 years and both of us agree, the older machines are like driving an old truck from the 40s. they get the job done but they are a pain to use.
    The new computer machines are like driving a new car, as its a pleasure to use.
    The reason you find all those old machines in good shape is due to the fact that they were used once, found to be to hard to work with and they went into the closet for the next 30 years.
    I rebuild the old 221s for people doing quilting.. its the ONLY old machine I would ever suggest. and I've also found them in excelant shape, in someones closet never used.
    If you are just going to play with your machine now and then, well maybe an old machine is the right choice but if sewing and creating is in your blood, a new machine is worth its weight in gold.
    and I would never suggest an older, used machine to someone just starting out. Its a good way to turn them off sewing forever.
    Ramona Garrett

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